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Justice for Titasheen Mitchell Police Brutality!: 03-21-2006

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Police brutality and destruction will be finished forever in the Town of Stratford! Our beloved Stratford have not been destroyed. We may have been snare, however, if we acknowledge we have a problem, we can rise back to equality.

We must asked God to give us the strength to understand what has happen, and learn from this situation. Police brutality have been an issue in The Town of Stratford for decades, however, the residents of this Town have never perished such illegal activities.

Blessed all the resident regardless of race, creed, religion who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for we and only we, shall be satisfied in the end! We the resident of Stratford shall rebuke and rejoice from the hands of falsehood, and from lying lips, and from deceitful tongue of others.

All who oppress the mischief of their own tongue, their own doing will fall upon themselves.

Do not let such man or woman prevail against this Town (Stratford).

Let the wicked be snared and avenge through justice.

Stratford do not forsake my daughter Titasheen Mitchell! Stratford do not forsake me! I beg of you! I plead to you my fellow residents, municipal, and other surrounding communities.

I have been wounded. The law of the land is a wondrous thing.

They have wrongly in falsehood. Officer David Gugliotti violent dealing shall com down on his own crown. He has made a pit for the past 12 years and dug it out, and has fallen into the ditch, which he made by his own action.

We must first clean the inside of the Stratford Police Department so that outside of the Department may become clean again! We can not take out the trash unless we see it, acknowledge it, find it, ad throw it out!

Because digging it, the sins committed against the resident in the Town may be painful, many residents would prefer to ignore it or cover it up. Mistakenly thinking my follow residents.

If we leave it alone, maybe it will go away. The law is the truth. Truth is just. Let us not de-welt too long from the ones who hates peace. I am for peace! I will no longer be slumber. My heart is wounded within me. The Law is the truth.

Let the wicked be snared and avenge through justice. Save my daughter Titasheen Mitchell from all those who persecute her. I will lay my honor in the dust and let them trample my life and my business to the earth ends to establish the just. I am pleading for my child using peace. Let us not de-welt too long from those who hates peace. I am for peace Stratford. I am for change for the future generations to come. I will no longer be slumber.

Remember what happen to Titasheen Mitchell and Mr. Alvin O’Neal on March 21, 2006 with complete clarity. As a mother my heart stants in ake of the charges brought fourth against my child. My soul keeps, I am still looking for understanding in ordinance to the Law.

Stratford do not forsake Titasheen! My heart within me is distressed. Rise up. Rise up! Speak about the wrongs. Correct the wrongs for the future generations to come. Buy the truth to Stratford, and do not sell it my fellow residents. It’s a great day for us. Rejoice my fellow residents. Rejoice in this great day. God Bless Stratford. God Bless us all.

Thank You,
Marcia Mitchell-Davis
Titasheen Mitchell's Mother


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