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Justice for Titasheen Mitchell Police Brutality!: September 2006

Friday, September 15, 2006

My feelings about this issue...

Police brutality claim
March 23, 2006

STRATFORD, Conn. --A Stratford police officer is on administrative leave after being accused of brutality by a town councilman.

Officer David Gugliotti was placed on administrative leave Wednesday, a day after he was called to break up a fight between several teenage girls outside a Stratford restaurant.

Police and eyewitness statements indicate at least four girls were involved in the fight outside Mitchell's Caribbean Delights. Titasheen Mitchell, 15, the daughter of restaurant owner Marcia Mitchell-Davis, said she was trying to keep the fight away from the restaurant's doors when she got pulled into the fracas.

In a police report, Gugliotti said the teenager tried to hit him as he was breaking up the fight and he struck her arms to defend himself. But Town Councilman Alvin O'Neal, who witnessed the fight, said Gugliotti threw the 15-year-old girl onto his police cruiser and punched her twice in the face. The girl was treated at a hospital for minor injuries.

Gugliotti also arrested O'Neal and charged him with interfering with police and breach of peace. O'Neal said he was arrested when he tried to stop the officer from striking the teenager.

"I told the officer ... to stop punching the girl and he told me to shut up," O'Neal told the Connecticut Post. "When I identified myself as the district councilman, he said he didn't care who the (expletive) I was. Then, I was handcuffed and thrown in the back of the police car and verbally taunted."

Mitchell-Davis said O'Neal should be credited with saving her daughter.

My viewpoint.........
Thank you to everyone, who continue to read my daughter's blog page. For the past nine months, this ordeal have been very challenging for my family. This ordeal have been, even more challenging for Titasheen. Some days I scream for justice for my child. Other days I feel justice will never come for Titasheen. It's hard has a mother to sit back and watch your child face over 10 years in prison, and not wish you could trade places with your child, in order for that child, to have a normal future. May be I am being selfish in my expectation, however, that's the mothering side of me, taking over reality. I still fears the worst.

My daughter is a child and I don't can't even comprehend why she is being prosecuted at all. I just don't understand why is the Police Department doing this to her after what they have already done?

Enclosing, Titasheen is doing well in school. This year she entered the 10th grade. Titasheen has all level one classes. She still would like to go to Florida State University to study medicine. Titasheen trail is coming soon. I will post the trail dates,as I get them. Everyone thank you for your support, keep Titasheen in your prays.

Glod Bless
Marcia Mitchell-Davis